Superbowl 49-The Bad Karma Bowl

Superbowl 49 faced off the Patriots, Bill Belichik and the Seahhawks Pete Carroll. These guys are two of the most unlikeable, selfish, and egotistical head coaches to ever lead their teams to a Super Bowl. They have had pretty stiff competition for these honors but arguably lead the pack in this respect. So Superbowl 49 or the Bad Karma Bowl was won by Tom Brady and Bill Belichik. Why call it the Bad Karma Bowl? There is a large cloud hanging over the legitimacy of Belichik’s at least one of his first three Super Bowl victories. In his first Super Bowl win Jan 2000, it is known he spied in a very big way on the St. Louis Rams practices. This enabled him to know by offensive formations if the Rams would be running or passing. That plus deflategate leads one to believe he will cheat in any way large or small for a victory. With Pete Carroll at USC in 2004-2005 he presided over one of the biggest college football scandals of all time. Soon after the brutal sanctions hit USC, he left the university holding the bag and took a job as the Seahawks HC. Which of these two head coaches have accumulated the most in quantity and quality of slimy moves between the two? Well, its about as evenly matched as this Superbowl game was.
What does this mean? Belichik, though heartless is one of the best X and O strategist’s of his era. Carroll, though head buried way up his butt, is one of the best motivators of this era. As it turns out, the guy who is probably the best post season QB of this or any era wins this pick em game. This was done against one of the best defenses of all time in the pass happy era of the NFL. Tom Brady, who has the charm of Cary Grant and the combo of leadership skills and killer instincts of Geronimo, nickeled and dimed his way down the field to overcoming a second half 10 point deficit against a great defense. It also appears that Carroll out coached himself by taking his foot off the pedal of his intimidating defense. So, once again a team using the prevent the win defense, prevents a win. Then on offense Carroll called for a dangerous pass into the teeth of a tough defense. This resulted in an INT with only one yard to go and 3 downs to seal a victory. The lack of intelligent foresight of this highly questionable call is amplified by keeping Marshawn Lynch out of the play when he has been playing like wild man all game. Belichik, does not have to be a genius to let his opposing HC make or allow critical bad decisions which led to losing the last game of the season. My two guiding principles in making this play-call would have been to not send Marshawn Lynch anywhere near Vince Wilfork. Then also use a misdirection play probably using Lynch. One more thing on this critical situation.
A good rule of thumb is at the goal line is either run it or pass it all 3 downs. Every time a team mixes and matches, bad things happens and this time was no exception. It seems that subconsciously the offense is at its best at the goal line when they focus on the run or the pass.

It is hard to ignore the poetic justice of the prelude to the Bad Karma Bowl being the deflategate controversy. Amid all the the entertaining stuff said about rubbing balls and such what stands out, not surprisingly, is that Belichik is quite a good liar and Brady is a very bad one. Yet if the two ran against each other in a political race, who would you vote for? This would probably be another pick em contest. I have always felt that the truly big-hearted moral people of New England has basically made a pact with the devil.

In the end, it appears that Tom Brady’s good karma was stronger than his head coach’s bad karma. Tom Brady, along with his consummate leadership abilities, puts absolutely crazy hours into film study and also treats the game, his teammates and other peers with tons of respect. He also appears to be a good guy who doesn’t seem to have let his mega fame and success go to his head. Russell Wilson, also seems to be a good guy and talented QB. However, at this point the youthful Wilson does not match up to Tom Terrific’s entire package of accumulated football wisdom, savvy leadership and impressive coolness under pressure.

Brady, also has the benefit of Belichik being clearly superior to Carroll as a head coach in that his players are consistently professional in demeanor. Carroll’s Seahawks, on the other hand, let their punk flag fly fairly often. To be fair about it, a person may act like a punk but not be one. However, starting a fight while the other team is taking a victory knee at the end of any football game let alone a Super Bowl, does beg the question.

The game was entertaining, historic and a thriller to the end. With that in mind, a tip of my hat to both teams for their efforts. However, I am still calling this the Bad Karma Bowl because the two men who had the most control over what each team has become and faced off in this culturally important confrontation have on multiple major occasions crossed way beyond the important lines of morality within their field of endeavor. Its an illusion to believe, we can do something wrong and never pay a price for it.

Of the four main characters in Superbowl 49, in my opinion Brady appears to have the best karma and Carroll the worst. Its the Bad Karma Bowl because Belichik’s bad karma is comparable to Carroll’s bad karma. Carroll’s main moral transgression was that he totally deserted USC at maybe the lowest point in their storied history. Carroll was out of coaching for two years after he failed as the HC for the Patriots. In spite of USC saving him from the head coaching graveyard and giving him a great opportunity for success, Carroll behaved like a rat deserting a sinking ship. A telling sign that his team lost because of his bad karma is that when he needed his intelligence to make a fairly obvious critical decision, his smarts deserted him. Bad karma often strikes at critical moments when you need to make a smart decision. This is why smart people make some very bad decisions about love, money, careers, etc. Not giving the ball to Beast Mode Lynch at end of this game seems to clearly fall into this category.

Sports has always had a strong element of building character. Any good parent knows that if a child does not learn the value of moral boundaries, it will only lead to unnecessary pain and suffering for all involved. Belichik cheated the 1999 Rams, a better team than his Patriots, out of a world championship. This led to unnecessary suffering for all connected to the St. Louis Rams. Since 2011 under Pete Carroll, six of his Seahawk players have been found taking illegal performance enhancing substances. Two of those six were starters in Seattle’s fierce Legion of Doom secondary which which was the key part of their dominating defense that led to a Super Bowl victory in 2014. More cheating more people probably getting cheated out of what they rightfully earned. It became apparent ot me that is was karma in particular bad karma that the resulted in the final score of Superbowl 49.

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